A reading adventure in language, decoding and comprehension.

Designed for K-2 students

About Aqua

Our Goal

Aqua is a new kind of reading curriculum in development by the team at Amplify.

To make it the most rigorous and riveting curriculum your students have ever experienced. And we need your help.

Meet Your Curioso

Aqua is a reading adventure comprised of a variety of engaging early literacy games. Your students begin by choosing a Curioso, a customizable companion that supports them on their journey to becoming confident readers. As they practice, they earn energy for their Curioso, who evolves along with them as a reward for their efforts.

Building it Up


Do you have students who can decode but don’t always get meaning from what they read?

Many weak comprehenders struggle with specific domains like vocabulary, inference, anaphora, and comprehension monitoring. These skills are crucial to building a coherent and complete mental model of text as you read.

Breaking it Down

Aqua gives students specific instruction and practice in these critical skills, beginning at the sentence level and scaffolding students to longer paragraphs and passages.

A New Strategy

Do you have students who are not yet decoding at the level you want them to?

New Phonics

Many students struggle with traditional synthetic phonics, especially when learning vowels, because of how inconsistent their spelling-sound correlations are.

With Aqua, students learn strategies to decode larger, more consistent chunks of words while learning the individual sounds that make them up - starting with the words they’re most likely to come across in text in school.

The Old Way